2003 Marine Party

Jan03MarineParty10.JPG Jan03MarineParty11.JPG Jan03MarineParty12.JPG Jan03MarineParty13.JPG Jan03MarineParty14.JPG Jan03MarineParty15.JPG Jan03MarineParty16.JPG Jan03MarineParty17.JPG Jan03MarineParty18.JPG Jan03MarineParty19.JPG Jan03MarineParty20.JPG Jan03MarineParty22.JPG Jan03MarineParty23.JPG Jan03MarineParty24.JPG Jan03MarineParty25.JPG Jan03MarineParty26.JPG Jan03MarineParty27.JPG Jan03MarineParty3.JPG Jan03MarineParty4.JPG Jan03MarineParty5.JPG Jan03MarineParty6.JPG Jan03MarineParty7.JPG Jan03MarineParty8.JPG Jan03MarineParty9.JPG

These PICS were taken at a Marine Party at the Marine House in January of 2003. Ken had the pleasure of taking Joi and a good friend of hers from Israel, Oli. Oli is the pretty young lady in the black shirt. There were some other school mates of theirs that showed at the party as well. We had a blast. And yes, Ken had a few too many! YUM!