New House

NewHouse1.jpg NewHouse10.jpg NewHouse11.jpg NewHouse12.jpg NewHouse13.jpg NewHouse14.jpg NewHouse15.jpg NewHouse2.jpg NewHouse3.jpg NewHouse4.jpg NewHouse6.jpg NewHouse8.jpg NewHouse9.jpg FirstFlower2002.jpg Sparkiehandsome.jpg backyard Garden.jpg backyard Garden2.jpg Courtyard1.jpg Courtyard2.jpg Entry.jpg Entry2.jpg NewHouse16.jpg SummerKitchen1.jpg SummerKitchen2.jpg SummerKitchen3.jpg

3/28/02 - We just uploaded our outside PICs. These are the lower half of the photos above. It's a fine spring day and Niki just had to get out and start gardening.....OF COURSE! You'll notice the outside house, which is really a summer kitchen, basement, and a two-car garage. The summer kitchen includes a gas stove, frig, and a requested washing machine. Niki plans to do clothes in the summer and hang them out to dry for that clean fresh smell...hehe

We FINALLY moved into this beautiful house on March 6th. It's open, spacious, and VERY well lit thanks to the numerous windows throughout. Outside photos are soon to come, but the inside is what counted for us. My commute also went from 12 minutes to only 4. And there's no more steep hills for the bus to refuse to traverse, leaving the kids at home with no school (they didn't like that part, of course!). We're going to have a party soon, since we noticed we can seat 27 people in just the entrance area, living room, and dining room combined.