2001 Christmas

KyleChristmas12001.jpg KyleChristmas22001.jpg SparkieLookinforStocking2001.jpg ARussianChirstmas2001.jpg SnowyNeighborhood.JPG Catherine12001.jpg Christmas20011.jpg Christmas20012.jpg Clair2001.jpg Dan.jpg Dan2001.jpg Dan2.jpg Johanna2.jpg Johanna2001.jpg Johanna4.jpg BarkerClan2001.jpg KenKyle2001.jpg KyleCatherineJoiSidney.jpg Angela2.jpg Angela2001.jpg KyleSidney2001.jpg MeritClair1.jpg MeritClair2.jpg Mindy12001.jpg Mindy2.jpg Mindy3.jpg Mindy4.jpg Mindy5.jpg MindyAngela.jpg Sidney2001.jpg Sidney20011.jpg Sidney3.jpg SidneyMindyJoi2001.jpg Catherine.jpg

These PICS were taken on the day of Christmas. The second row down were taken at the two parties that we attended during the day with friends from both the Embassy and USAID