Kyle's 8th Birthday & Circus

Circus1.jpg Circus2.jpg Circus3.jpg Circus4.jpg Circus5.jpg Circus6.jpg Circus7.jpg Circus8.jpg Circus9.jpg Joipatiopizza.jpg Joiroom1.jpg KenKyleCircus.jpg KenKyleJoiCircus.jpg KyleJoipatiopizza.jpg Kyles8thBirthday1.jpg Kyles8thBirthday2.jpg Kyles8thBirthday3.jpg Kylepatiopizza.jpg Nikipatiopizza.jpg

These PICs were taken on Kyle's birthday and the day after (at the circus). There weren't many animals in this Kazakhstan circus, but the entertainment was quite good. Kyle's favorite birthday present was the removal of that annoying cast!